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Postby nakedhobo » Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:37 pm

The whole concept of Organitech is something that has been a part of the game for a really long time. The core book barely hints at the stuff. I want to explore this area a lot more.

For those that don't fully understand what Organitech is, let me explain a little better than the book does. Organitech is a bit like cybernetic implants. It covers both those items which are steam powered and run by hydraulics as well as actual organic items. These are all magically grafted to the body, enhancing it. It is quite a new thing in the realms, and there are many that are skeptical of it, fearing that it turns people into abominations. As far as laws governing Organitech, it is a gray area, because of the relative unknown of what it is and what it does. There are some items that have already been banned, mostly those involving poisons and venom.

There is a ton of potential here for new and innovative things, and I want to explore everything, no matter how bizarre they may seem at first. Give me ideas and lets make some abominable things.
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